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What is the difference between The George Balanchine Trust and The George Balanchine Foundation?
The George Balanchine Trust is the entity responsible for licensing the ballets of George Balanchine. The Trust protects the copyrights of George Balanchine, including all media rights and live performance rights worldwide. The mission of The George Balanchine Foundation is to utilize the Balanchine legacy to advance the development of dance and its allied arts worldwide. This goal is pursued through a broad range of activities and programs, including concentrated research, ballet reconstructions, publications, lectures and videos, and other innovative projects. You can visit The George Balanchine Foundation online.



How do I license a ballet?
Please see Licensing the Ballets.


Where do I get the costumes if my shop is not going to build them from scratch?
If you would like to see a list of other companies who have previously licensed a ballet and may have costumes for rent, please contact the Trust. Also, the Foundation has an extensive catalogue which includes information as to which companies have performed the ballets. This can serve as a helpful guide for costume rental options.
Please click here to view the Foundation’s catalogue


Do you have technical information?
For all lighting and other technical inquiries, please contact the Trust.



How do I credit the choreography in the program?
The choreography should be credited as follows:


Name of Ballet (italicized)
Choreography by George Balanchine
© The George Balanchine Trust



For additional information including an example of how casting should be listed, please contact the Trust.


May I include photos of the choreography in my printed program?
Photos may be included in the printed program and other publicity materials, including online websites. In addition to crediting the photographer, the choreography credit must be included as well:



Name of Ballet (italicized)
Choreography by George Balanchine
© The George Balanchine Trust



How do I credit images of George Balanchine?
For images, or quotes, of George Balanchine, the credit should be as follows:


BALANCHINE is a Trademark of The George Balanchine Trust



Am I permitted to post footage of Balanchine ballets on YouTube or other social media sites?
No postings of Balanchine choreography are permitted by individuals who have not licensed the ballets from the Trust and have posted without our permission. We often run across unauthorized postings which we will request be taken down. All of the Balanchine choreography is copyrighted and the rights are held by the Trust.



Can I post footage of my company, which was licensed the rights to perform a Balanchine ballet, on my company’s website or social media site?
The Trust is supportive of companies posting footage for promotional purposes of the Balanchine ballets they have performed.  Prior to posting, this footage must be sent to the Trust for approval and fall within the following parameters.  The entire video is to be no longer than 3 minutes, with no continuous footage of choreography beyond 30-40 seconds. The video must contain the copyright credit which can be included where other credits are listed:


Name of Ballet (italicized)
Choreography by George Balanchine
© The George Balanchine Trust

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